Impressive Statistics About Homework and How Students Deal with It

It is a well-known fact that students today have at least twice as much assigned writing as their parents used to. The question of “why is it so?” is irrelevant. The reason is obvious – the more written assignments we complete, the better our thinking, reasoning and writing skills become. Writing teaches us to analyze, structure our thoughts in a certain way, form logical connections and draw well-founded conclusions. There are much more interesting questions here, in particular “how? and “what?” How can students cope with so much writing without having their performance level suffer? How should they organize their schedule to have time to do everything? What resources can students use to get the help they need so much?

Trying to answer these questions, we carried out a small, off-the-record opinion poll among 1000 7-12th graders. Our purpose was to find out is it true that too much homework causes stress, how students cope with their writing tasks and manage the related pressure, which resources they use and what time management techniques they find efficient.

We hope this article and the stats it contains will help you become more efficient at homework-doing and possibly adopt some skills to make the writing process much more pleasant.

Too Much Homework Statistics. Is It a Problem for Students?

So, the statistics say that:

Resume: the amount of writing homework given to a student is generally fine. However, more stress should be placed upon teaching students effective writing, time-management, and organizational skills.

Do Students Need Extra Writing Help?

Another question we were trying to answer is how much help with their writing assignments today’s students require and where they go looking for it.

Before we started this whole survey thing, we wanted to make sure there was anything to look for. So we googled a few questions first to find out whether or not students seek essay writing help online and even tried to contact some online writing agencies to clear up the situation.

This was what we found:

Obviously, these figures cannot be accurate enough to draw conclusions, but they gave us enough evidence to claim there was a strong demand for the writing assistance that students are ready to pay for.

Our survey focused on the two questions that we were most interested in: do students use external help when doing homework and writing essays? What kind of help they use?

It appears that:

As for the second question:

  1. Over half of all the students who admitted regularly using external help with essay writing and homework said they preferred to pay money for homework help from a professional tutor or expert writer. This included:
    • Online tutoring help (tutoring services, essay writing services)
    • In-person tutoring help from an experienced tutor
    • Peer tutoring (in-school tutoring)
  2. 35% said their parents or other family members helped them complete their school writing assignments.
  3. The rest said they did not have a particular source of writing help but rather used all the help they could find.

Resume: The majority of students who need additional assistance with their homework prefer getting such help online or in-person from a professional writer. Among other interesting homework facts, we’d like to point out is the quality of tutoring help as the most frequently mentioned factor of all that influence their decision to turn to external assistance. It means that today’s students choose to pay for the advice and practical aid more if it is provided by an expert.

What Skills Are the Most Essential?

How to Cope with the Negative Effects of Homework Overload?

These are just a few of the many techniques offered by the students who participated in the poll. Hopefully, you will find some of them useful.

If you better acquire a visual information, take a look at this picture:
negative effects of homework

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