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What if we told you that a short essay can be written in an hour? That all writing skills are fully transferrable? What if we told you that a person capable of tackling the last minute academic challenge with poise and panache is YOU? The secret to improving your writing game lies within this Essay Writing Tips website. Actually, there is no secret per se, just important tips and tricks from experienced writers. Many students have quickly refined their writing skills using our simple tips for beginners. It won’t be long before you turn into a successful student with our useful essay writing advice and help. What are great ways to get your essay written (other than using general and basic tips)? You can request online writing assistance from experienced academic writers. It’s a hassle free way to obtain a perfect essay in just a few hours!


Best Essay Writing Techniques

Say “No more!” to a writer’s block! Say “No more!” to poor grades! With our advanced writing techniques for students, any essay will write itself. You will recall with bemusement how you used to struggle with crafting even a short and simple essay. Are you ready to unleash your creative powers?

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Tips to Writing an Essay

So, you’ve been looking for a writer’s block buster? You’ve been hankering for tips and tricks to make your writing sessions fun and productive? Congrats! Your prayers have been heard by experienced writers who will teach you how to quickly turn a blank screen into a colorful linguistic canvas. The key to producing gripping academic prose is the expansion of your writing toolbox. Go ahead and try the following tips to writing a good essay:

Three Easy Tips on Writing an Essay

College writing is not a single day’s endeavor. Rather it is an on-going process of following general advice, trying, and failing. And then maybe, you will learn how to write well. Therefore, to become a better essay writer, you should regularly practice. Engage in short writing sessions whenever possible. Important lessons learned during impromptu writing stints will spill over into your essays, thereby improving them. Also, use these tips to writing an effective essay:

  • Create an outline

    The outline can be viewed as your success-insurance policy. Without it, it is virtually impossible to craft a cohesive essay. The outline will help you organize your ideas and determine the most suitable order in which they must be presented.

  • Write a thesis

    Distill the key ideas you are trying to convey to one or two sentences. The properly written thesis will telegraph the central message to your readers and guide the writing process, thereby keeping your essay more focused.

  • Edit and proofread

    Having gone through the exultation and agony of the essay writing process, do not forget to edit your work. Remove poorly-worded sentences and add the finishing touches to make your essay smooth and spectacular.

Essay Writing Tips Categories:

Essay Types

We will help you make sense of different essay types, their key similarities, and differences. Go straight to this section whenever you have to write an argumentative, persuasive, narrative, expository, descriptive, cause and effect, or any other type of essay.

Stages of Writing

Writing is a project that can be cut down to a manageable size. By dividing larger deliverables into smaller ones, you will have a much easier time producing a worthy essay. In this section, we look closely at all writing stages and explain how they should be approached.

Common Essay Subjects

There is a considerable variation in the essay structuring between academic disciplines. To eliminate any confusion as to common essay subjects, this section has been created. Here, you will find useful advice on writing in social, natural, formal, and applied sciences.

Formatting Styles

A rare student is not perplexed by the standardized approaches to academic paper creation that is formatting. To alleviate the problem, we have put together easily-digestible formatting guides. Peruse this section whenever you need to format your paper in one of the following styles: APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or Oxford.

Academic Levels

The complexity of an essay’s content is modulated by an academic level. Consequently, a high school essay looks nothing like the one written at a Ph.D. level. This section of the website provides detailed descriptions of the writing requirements at different academic levels.

Writing Tips

Brilliant writing is not beyond the reach. Your writing skills can and should be honed by the incorporation of time-tested tips into your creative routines. Go ahead and read our tips to finesse vocabulary, stylistics, punctuation, and grammar. Soon enough you will become an excellent writer.

Common Mistakes

It is almost impossible to produce an immaculate academic gem – there will always be some mistakes. Even the best of us will make silly typos and grammar errors. Fortunately, many mistakes can be fairly easily avoided. Visit this section of the website to learn the most common writing mistakes and how to steer clear of them.

Common Problems

Before engaging in the grueling task of essay writing, familiarize yourself with the commonest problems and effective ways of resolving them. Some are easy to eliminate (plagiarism, lack of time, writer’s block); others are more unyielding (lack of skills, lack of motivation, lack of talent). Nonetheless, all of them are amenable to our strategies.


Do not become hidebound by a comforting choice of essay topics. Instead, expand your horizons by exploring new topics across a diverse set of subjects: anthropology, economics, geography, law, linguistics, philosophy, arts, sociology, and politics. Each topic we offer can be turned into a gripping essay.


This section features essay samples you can use for inspiration. The diverse samples have been created by professional writers to show you how different types of writing and formatting styles can be applied in practice. A word of caution is due here: under no circumstances should you copy those samples and submit as your own. Plagiarism allegations will inevitably follow!


Here we define and explain all key concepts of the essay writing process. Should any terms be unclear in our writing guides, use the glossary to expand your understanding of writing-related concepts.

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