Glossary of Essay Terms

To write a brilliant paper in English, you need to understand clearly of what the essay question supposes you to do. Mastery of academic terminology is the first crucial step for essay writing. This vocabulary provides detailed definitions of typical terms you may come across throughout your academic career. Please mind that professors might have other objectives and explanations than the ones presented below.

Essay Dictionary: Types of Essay

Regardless of their academic level, writing experience, and knowledge of English, students are regularly worn out by the requests to prepare various types of essay on a particular topic. Being versed in the characteristics and features of essay types that set them apart is the prerequisite to submitting a flawless writing piece. Here is a quick online definition guide to sort it all out.

Useful Essay Terminology

Whether it be an essay of a few sentences in English or a take-home paper, vocabulary used in the college examinations is rather repetitive for various subject-matters and disciplines. Thus, it’s advisable to learn the essay writing terminology to have a deep understanding of rhetorical strategies and academic expectations.

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