Lack of Time

Lack of time may be called one of the greatest scourges of students – at least of those students who actually try to do everything that they are supposed to, to write an essay today.

Every teacher or professor behaves in a way that makes you think that he or she has no idea of existence of subjects except for his or her own, and we don’t even mention that every human being wants to have a part of life that isn’t connected with one’s immediate duties.

The reasons for the lack of time are numerous:

  • Tight timetable.
  • Personal problems: illness, situation in the family, accidents.
  • Poor time-management.
  • Work.

…and many others.

In fact, it doesn’t matter all that much what causes it. The only important problem is that it exists. There are situations and periods when you find yourself physically incapable of doing everything you are supposed to accomplish.

We want to comfort you: on the one hand, you are not the only one. Many students around the world also ask us “Do my homework for me, please!” On the other hand, the fact that you don’t have enough time already says that you actually try to do something; the majority doesn’t care strong enough.

The ways of dealing with the lack of time are as numerous as its causes, but they generally boil down to two words – time management:

  • Plan beforehand what you are going to do during a certain period of time.
  • Break up long-term tasks into smaller parts and do them gradually throughout the time that is given for you to accomplish them. Don’t put anything off until the last day.
  • If you find yourself incapable of doing a particular kind of work right now, don’t torment yourself. Don’t go on. Instead, try to think about another activity that corresponds to your present condition and try to make use of it.
  • Don’t suffer from perfectionism. The experience shows that the majority of efforts are in vain and the same result may be achieved much easier (especially in the cases when you don’t have enough time for everything).

The problem with the lack of time is mostly that of organization. Parkinson once said that any activity uses all the time that is assigned to it.

The same with studies – do everything reasonable well, but don’t get mad about it. Ask yourself, how you can spend time right now so that to use it with maximum efficiency. Once you organize yourself, you will rule your time.

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