What Is Classification Essay

A commonly accepted definition of a classification essay states that it is a special type of formal writing, aimed at evaluating the categorizing and generalization skills of the author.

In order to write an award-winning classification essay paper, the writer should single out the categorizing principle, according to which the objects, referred to in the topic, can be divided into groups, organize objects into categories and provide examples to support the classification. Writing a classification essay is generally considered not that hard; however, there are several main principles you need to keep in mind when planning on how to write your piece.

The key stages in writing a classification essay are as follows:

  1. Consider the topics for classification writing carefully and identify the objects that must be categorized.
  2. Decide on which classification essay format and citation style you will exploit. Later, it will help you mention all the references according to their standards much faster.
  3. Think logically and identify the classification criteria.
  4. Write a solid thesis statement, which will mention the topic and the classification offered.
  5. Describe the categories and support them with examples.
  6. In order to enumerate the categories, use such linkers as the first/second/third group/type/class/sort, etc.
  7. Write a conclusion with a brief restatement of the categories.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Crafting Classification Essays

  • Using too many categories: if you do it, the idea and the criteria for the classification are very likely to be disintegrated and your essay will turn into a simple enumeration, thus, failing to show generalization skills.
  • Using not enough categories: it can result in the omission of an important type of objects.
  • Using no unified criterion for the classification: absence of the governing classification principle will result in the lack of clarity.
  • Using unequal number of examples: it will result in making some categories less important than the others.

A classification essay is not difficult to write if you think carefully, use common sense and logic, stick to a single classification principle and observe the structure.

Classification essay examples written in a proper manner can be found here.
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