Lack of Talent

If you have to write, let us say, an essay, but feel that you are unable to do it because you are not talented enough in this sphere, we will make you happy – it is nothing more than a pretext to evade an unpleasant piece of work.

Every person, who is not mentally deficient, may write an essay of quality that will be more than enough to satisfy your professors or tutors. The reasons for this are numerous:

  • First of all, both in high school and in college or university you are not supposed to produce a work of genius every time you deal with writing. Nobody expects it from you. You are capable of writing reasonably good – you don’t need anything else.
  • There are not so many people who are talented in writing – if all those who are not perfect refused to write, there would be about 10% remaining. So, you are not unique in your supposed lack of talent.
  • And, yes – how do you know that you are not talented enough? Have you tried to write? Have you practiced? Maybe you are too critical towards yourself? Maybe your level is much higher than average?
  • And, after all, talent is overrated. Remember what Thomas Edison said: “Success is 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration”. There is nothing a sufficiently hard-working person wouldn’t be able to do if he or she tries hard enough.
  • Talent may be developed. There is more than one example of people suffering from dyslexia (mental disorder that makes it extremely hard to read) who became well-known writers after they have learned themselves to read and write. Do you have anything to complain about when compared with them?

As you may see, lack of talent is, after all, only an excuse, and rather a lame one, to avoid doing something you don’t like. But who knows? Maybe it is only the topics and subjects that are offered in our educational system (or at this stage of your studies) that bore you to death and it has nothing to do with talent at all?

Maybe, given a more fertile ground, you will discover a talent for writing? Don’t give it up just now. Work, try, win. At the very worst, you will write a not-so-good an essay, but still you will write it.

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