Literature Research

It is recommended to approach this stage after you have chosen the proper topic, analyzed it in details and brainstormed key ideas.

Creating an academic essay is very likely to be based on literature research – the task that can be considered unconquerable by many students. However, if approached appropriately, it can turn out to be quite easy.

We recommend to go through such stages of literature research:

  • The first step here is search for information based on the topic analysis and the key words obtained in the process of brainstorming. This can be useful for the Internet browsing as well as the library cataloging systems.
  • Look through the materials you have found and evaluate them critically. If the information seems interesting, save a copy or make detailed notes for reference. If you use a printed book from a library, make sure you note down the pages, as you will further need them for quoting.
  • After having studied the requirements for citation, prepare a reference section page. It is usually done in an alphabetical order. Many students tend to postpone this piece of work till the end, which is actually a big mistake, as then you will have to read the essay again in order just to put the surnames of the quoted authors and pages from the book. Using a well-composed reference section from the very beginning is much easier and it actually saves your time. You can view guidelines on main formatting styles in the corresponding section.

However, after you have finished writing the draft, check if all the quotes are introduced properly, as a failure to do this can result in plagiarism accusations. In case you mention some of the ideas found in books, make the reference to the author and the book and respect the intellectual property rights of the authors.

A well-composed literature reference list will help you a lot, as you can easily include it into the completed work, check all the pages and books’ details. Moreover, a list which includes recent works can influence your mark in a positive way, as it shows your diligence and persistence as a student.

Now you have a proper topic, analyzed it, got a list of ideas, and performed literature research and you are ready for the next stage.

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