Topics in Applied Sciences

Agronomy, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Management, Military Science, Spatial Science.

Applied sciences may be considered to be the most down-to-earth of all sciences, for they deal with scientific principles as applied to the real world. In a certain sense, all the sciences are aimed at providing something that will make it possible to introduce it in this field, to bring some practical use to human beings.

No wonder that various aspects of these sciences interest people very much and make excellent topics for essays, research papers and so on. Here you may see a short selection of topics on different fields of applied sciences:

  • Human society development in connection with animal husbandry.
  • Hydroponics – future of agriculture.
  • Architecture as the mirror of changes society undergoes.
  • The evolution of pedagogical science throughout the ages.
  • Aquaculture vs. fishing – do we undergo the same evolution as in the case of hunt and animal husbandry?
  • Phinneas Gage as an example of personality change due to physical trauma.
  • The treatment of drug addiction in different periods of time.
  • Carl von Clausewitz as the founding father of war theory.
  • Influence of the latest developments in science on the military strategy and tactics.
  • Basic strategies of entering a foreign and culturally different market.
  • Influence of personal relationships on the management’s efficiency.
  • The history of cases when lobotomy was used in medical treatment.
  • The history of veterinary medicine in Great Britain.
  • Great delusions medical science suffered from throughout history.
  • Gerardus Mercator and the history of his projection.
  • William Horatio Bates and his impact on Ophthalmology.
  • The perspectives of extraterrestrial engineering.
  • Medieval military engineering in the West and in the East.
  • Battle of Little Bighorn as the last victory of the Indians over the Whites.
  • Influence of psychological science on marketing principles.

The convenient moment with the applied sciences is that you may easily use any object from everyday life and look at it from an unusual angle, try to understand how it appeared, what led to it and so on. The humblest and the most mundane object, such as, for example, an electric bulb, may have an extremely interesting and dramatic history behind it.

If you are at a loss about selecting this or that topic or creating your own one, just look around. You are certain to be surrounded by scores of things you may base an excellent applied science topic on.

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