How to Write a Natural Science Essay

Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Environmental Science.

Although many people consider essay writing a task which is only assigned in the sphere of humanities, essays are a typical form of knowledge assessment for natural sciences as well. However, it goes without saying that despite general principles of structure are the same, there are certain peculiarities which must be taken into account when writing an academic essay about natural science:

  • First of all, you will be expected to do a lot of background scientific reading to perform the task successfully.
  • Further on, you are supposed to select the best references and present a critical analysis of the problem in a suitable writing format.
  • Your essay should, roughly speaking, introduce the topic, justify it as a scientific problem, then it must be thoroughly discussed and summarized in its logical conclusion.

A natural science essay should have a title page, an introduction, the main body with appropriate section headings, a conclusion, and a list of references to justify and prove your citations.

  • In the introduction, you should present the question, state the argument, interpret the topic, and provide definitions for the terms used as well as outline your general approach to the topic.
  • The main body must be divided into sections with appropriate headings, which present a clear, logical development of the subject, state the reasons for the accepted point of view, use relevant data to support the argument, present data both in graphic and verbal forms and state references for all sources of information used.
  • The conclusion should provide a brief restatement of the purpose of the essay and the main objectives of the research, as well as briefly and concisely formulated conclusions, explaining their reasons and indicating the possibilities for further research.

The style of the natural science essay writing is supposed to be very formal with a lot of passive constructions in the data interpreting section being used.

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