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Environmental Science

What is environment and what impact it has on us, human beings? First of all, it is a very complex structure that is taking the attention of many scientists and gives a room for research and analysis as a sub-discipline within several major sciences. Chemistry, biology, geology, physics and many other disciplines dedicate significant amount of time and effort to learn how environment operates and how this self-sustainable mechanism is integrated into the surrounding structures.

Some of the directions in the environmental studies are to great extent interrelated with such disciplines as sociology and demography – for example, environmental engineering and environmental sociology are trying to find proofs and arguments to support and supplement hypotheses and theories of sociologists in regards to the way how people understand environment and try to reveal the main drivers that affect relationships of human beings with the environment. As an outcome of these studies, science can give relative directions and forecasts for the development of the environmental policies. [1]

Environmental scientists are involved in the analysis of the natural processes and evaluation of alternative sources of energy. The studies conducted in this field in modern science are aimed at improvement of the environment and reduction of the footprint of technological development. Findings, which scientists have already made, help to understand better the implication of global climate change and provide reliable simulation of further development of this phenomenon. [2]

Today, when global warming, technological advancements and alternative sources of energy are becoming more and more important not only for science and political disputes, but also for social and economic fields, environmental science starts to take special place in media and other types of mass communication. Finally, people started to pay deserved attention to the questions of environment protection and responsibility.


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